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Staff profile: Dr. Dorian A. H. Hanaor


Biographical details:

Dr. Dorian Hanaor received his PhD from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, in 2012, after being awarded a B.E. with first class honours, and M.Phil in Materials Science and Engineering in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Over the past 15 years, Dorian has worked extensively in various consulting and engineering roles in the private sector, focusing on materials testing, waste transfer, product development and minerals processing. His research areas include silicate ceramics, functional oxides, high frequency dielectrics, additive manufacturing, biomaterials and surface science.

Teaching activities:

Teaching activities:

Ceramics for the Hydrogen Economy: Cataysts, Membranes, Storage materials and Materials for Fuel cells. 2017 – 

Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Size-Dependent Properties and Applications.   2017  –   

Ceramics for the built environment.  2020 – 

Research interests

Ceramic materials play a central role in facilitating the most valuable applications in our current technological environment. Lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen generation, storage and conversion, tissue engineering, catalysis, sensor systems, high frequency communication systems (5G wireless protocols) all tend to rely on ceramics materials for their functionality.  The improvement of energy materials, electronic devices and chemical engineering processes hinges on the development of new ceramics and an improvement of our understanding of these systems.

Current research interests revolve around developing new knowledge pertaining to advanced ceramic materials. Specific research foci include:

·         Polymorphism in pyroxene silicates

·         Millimetre wave dielectric ceramics

·         Crystalline silicate biomaterials

·         Surface structure in ceramics

·         Additive manufacturing

·         Cross scale integration

PhD and Master's project opportunities

Mechanical properties of polycrystalline bioceramics

Synthesis of mm wave dielectric silicates

3D printing of ceramic / polymer composites

Role of surface structure on the drying of ceramic tiles



Enhancement of hydroxyapatite dissolution through structure modification by Krypton ion irradiation

Journal of Materials Science & Technology 38 (2020) 148-158

Hui Zhu, Dagang Guo, Hang Zang, Dorian AH Hanaor, Sen Yu, Franziska Schmidt, Kewei Xu



Additive manufacturing of ceramics from preceramic polymers: A versatile stereolithographic approach assisted by thiol-ene click chemistry

Additive Manufacturing 27 (2019) 80-90

Xifan Wang, Franziska Schmidt, Dorian Hanaor, Paul H. Kamm, Shuang Li, Aleksander Gurlo

Links:  DOI   1    2  


Theoretical insights into the hydrophobicity of low index CeO2 surfaces

Applied surface science 478 (2019) 68-74

Marco Fronzi, M. Hussein N.Assadi, Dorian A.H. Hanaor

Links: DOI  1   2


Materials and Applications for Low-Cost Ceramic Membranes

Membranes, 9(9), 105

Amanmyrat Abdullayev, Maged F Bekheet, Dorian AH Hanaor, Aleksander Gurlo

Links: DOI 1


Improved oxidation resistance of high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic for reusable space systems

Corrosion Science 146 (2019) 233-246

Gaofeng Shao, Yucao Lu, Dorian AH Hanaor, Sheng Cui, Jian Jiao, and Xiaodong Shen.

Links: DOI  1   2




Enhancement of Ce/Cr Codopant Solubility and Chemical Homogeneity in TiO2 Nanoparticles through Sol–Gel versus Pechini Syntheses

Inorganic Chemisty 57 (2018) 7279 - 7289

Wen-Fan Chen, Sajjad S Mofarah, Dorian Amir Henry Hanaor, Pramod Koshy, Hsin-Kai Chen, Yue Jiang, Charles Christopher Sorrell

Links: DOI  1   2


Nanostructural insights into the dissolution behavior of Sr-Doped Hydroxyapatite

Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38(2018) 5554-5562

Hui Zhu, Dagang Guo, Hongyuan Li, Dorian Hanaor, Franziska Schmidt, and Kewei Xu

Links: DOI  1   2   3


Stress-dependent electrical transport and its universal scaling in granular materials

Extreme Mechanics Letters 22 (2018): 83-88.

Chongpu Zhai, Yixiang Gan, Dorian Hanaor, and Gwénaëlle Proust

Links: DOI  1   2  3




Contact stiffness of multiscale surfaces by truncation analysis

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 131 (2017): 305-316

Chongpu Zhai, Dorian Hanaor, and Yixiang Gan

Links: DOI  1   2


Influence of gas pressure on the effective thermal conductivity of ceramic breeder pebble beds

Fusion Engineering and Design 118 (2017): 45-51

Weijing Dai, Simone Pupeschi, Dorian Hanaor, and Yixiang Gan

Links: DOI   1    2


Universality of the emergent scaling in finite random binary percolation networks

PloS one 12 2 (2017): e0172298

Chongpu Zhai, Dorian Hanaor, and Yixiang Gan

Links: DOI   1    2


Mechanical properties in crumple-formed paper derived materials subjected to compression

Heliyon 3 (2017): e00329.

D. A. H. Hanaor, E.A. Flores Johnson, S. Wang, S. Quach, K. N. Dela-Torre, Y. Gan, and L. Shen.

Links: DOI   1    2




The effects of copper doping on photocatalytic activity at (101) planes of anatase TiO2: A theoretical study

Applied Surface Science 387 (2016): 682-689.

Hussein N Assadi, and Dorian AH Hanaor

Links: DOI   1    2


Two-dimensional modeling of the self-limiting oxidation in silicon and tungsten nanowires

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters 6, no. 5 (2016): 195-199.

Liu, Mingchao, Peng Jin, Zhiping Xu, Dorian AH Hanaor, Yixiang Gan, and Changqing Chen

Links: DOI   1    2


Compressive performance and crack propagation in Al alloy/Ti2AlC composites

Materials Science and Engineering: A 672 (2016): 247-256.

Hanaor, D. A. H., L. Hu, W. H. Kan, G. Proust, M. Foley, I. Karaman, and M. Radovic.

Links: DOI   1    2


Static friction at fractal interfaces

Tribology International 93 (2016): 229-238.

Dorian AH Hanaor, Yixiang Gan, and Itai Einav

Links: DOI   1    2



An improved semi-analytical solution for stress at round-tip notches

Engineering fracture mechanics 149 (2015): 134-143

Mingchao Liu, Yixiang Gan, Dorian AH Hanaor, Bin Liu, and Changqing Chen.

Links: DOI   1    2


Stress-dependent electrical contact resistance at fractal rough surfaces

Journal of Engineering Mechanics 143,3  (2015): B4015001.

Chongpu Zhai, Dorian Hanaor, Gwénaëlle Proust, and Yixiang Gan

Links: DOI   1    http://drgan.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/029_JEM_2015.pdf2


3D printable geomaterials

Géotechnique 66, no. 4 (2016): 323-332.

D. Hanaor, Y. Gan, M. Revay, D. W. Airey, and I. Einav.

Links: DOI   1   




Thermal discrete element analysis of EU solid breeder blanket subjected to neutron irradiation

Fusion Science and Technology 66, no. 1 (2014): 83-90.

Yixiang Gan, Francisco Hernandez, Dorian Hanaor, Ratna Annabattula, Marc Kamlah, and Pavel Pereslavtsev.


Links: DOI    1      2


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