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Aktuelle Publikationen 2019

Evaluating porous polylactide-co-glycolide/bioactive glass composite microsphere powders for laser sintering of scaffolds
Powder Technology 354 (2019) 289-300
David Karl, Ben Jastram, Paul H. Kamm, Hartmut Schwandt, Aleksander Gurlo and Franziska Schmidt
DOI [1]
Fabrication, in vitro and in vivo studies of bilayer composite membrane for periodontal guided tissue regeneration
Journal of Biomaterials Applications 33 (2019) 967–978
Saba Zahid, Abdul Samad Khan , Aqif Anwar Chaudhry,
Sarah Ghafoor, Qurat Ul Ain, Ahtasham Raza, Muhammad Imran Rahim, Oliver Goerke, Ihtesham Ur Rehman, Asma Tufail
DOI [2]
In-vitro investigation of graphene oxide reinforced bioactive glass ceramics composites
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 505(2019) 122-130
Kanwal Ilyas,Saba Zahid, Madeeha Batool,Aqif Anwar, Chaudhry Arshad Jamal, Farasat Iqbal, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Oliver Goerke, Aleksander Gurlo, Asma Tufail Shah, Ihtesham ur Rehman
DOI [3]
Real-time direct transmission electron microscopy imaging of phase and morphology transformation from solid indium oxide hydroxide to hollow corundum-type indium oxide nanocrystallites
Nanoscale 11 (2019) 12242-12249
Lukas Schlicker, Radian Popescu, Maged F. Bekheet, Andrew Doran, Dagmar Gerthsen and Aleksander Gurlo

DOI [4]
Additive manufacturing of ceramics from preceramic polymers: A versatile stereolithographic approach assisted by thiol-ene click chemistry
Additive Manufacturing 27 (2019) 80-90
Xifan Wang, Franziska Schmidt, Dorian Hanaora, Paul H. Kamm, Shuang Li, Aleksander Gurlo

DOI [5]
Theoretical insights into the hydrophobicity of low index CeO2 surfaces
Applied surface science 478 (2019) 68-74
MarcoFronzi, M. Hussein N.Assadi, Dorian A.H.Hanaor

DOI [6]
Reactive Metal-Support Interaction in the Cu-In2O3 System: Intermetallic Compound Formation and its Consequences for CO2-Selective Methanol Steam Reforming
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 20 (2019) 356-366
Kevin Ploner, Lukas Schlicker, Albert Gili, Aleksander Gurlo, Andrew Doran, Lei Zhang, Marc Armbrüster, Dagmar Obendorf, Johannes Bernardi, Bernhard Klötzer and Simon Penner

DOI [7]
BN/GdxTi(1-x)O(4-x)/2 nanofibers for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (2019) in press
Amr A. Nada, Maged F. Bekheet, Roman Viter, Philippe Miele, Stéphanie Roualdes, Mikhael Bechelany
DOI [8]
High-temperature structure of Co3O4: Understanding spinel inversion using in situ and ex situ measurements
Physical Review B 99 (2019) 104104

Taylor D. Sparks, Aleksander Gurlo, Maged F. Bekheet, Michael W. Gaultois, Gennady Cherkashinin, Laetitia Laversenne, David R. Clarke

DOI [9]
High specific surface area ordered mesoporous silica COK-12 with tailored pore size
Microporous and  Mesoporous 280 (2019) 133-143
Laura M. Henning, Diego Díaz Cubas, Maria G. Colmenares, Johannes Schmidt, Maged F. Bekheet, Brian R. Pauw, Aleksander Gurlo, Ulla Simon
DOI [10]
Crystallographic and Electronic Evolution of Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite (La0.6Sr0.4FeO3-δ) Thin Film and Bulk Model Systems during Iron Exsolution [11]
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (2019) 3781-3794
Thomas Götsch, Norbert Köpfle, Matthias Grünbacher, Johannes Bernardi, Emilia A. Carbonio, Michael Hävecker, Axel Knop-Gericke, Maged F. Bekheet, Lukas Schlicker, Andrew Doran, Aleksander Gurlo, Alexandra Franz, Bernhard Klötzer, Simon Penner
DOI [12]
On the structural stability of crystalline ceria phases in undoped and acceptor-doped ceria materials under in situ reduction conditions
CrystEngComm 21 (2019) 145-154
Maged F. Bekheet, Matthias Grünbacher, Lukas Schlicker, Albert Gili, Andrew Doran, Jan Dirk Epping, Aleksander Gurlo, Bernhard Klötzerb and Simon Penner
DOI [13]
Functionalization of MCM-41 with titanium oxynitride deposited via PECVD for enhanced removal of methylene blue
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Volume 274, 15 January 2019, 505-515
Amr A.Nada, Maged F.Bekheet, Stéphanie Roualdes, Aleksander Gurlo, André Ayral

DOI [14]

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