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Aktuelle Publikationen 2020

Polymer-Derived SiOC Integrated with a Graphene Aerogel As a Highly Stable Li-Ion Battery Anode
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (2020) 46045–46056
Gaofeng Shao, Dorian A. H. Hanaor, Jun Wang, Delf Kober, Shuang Li, Xifan Wang, Xiaodong Shen, Maged F. Bekheet, and Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [1]
Design of Ni/NiO-TiO2/rGO nanocomposites on carbon cloth conductors via PECVD for electrocatalytic water splitting
International journal of hydrogen energy 45 (2020) 32000-32011
Heba H. El-Maghrabi, Amr A. Nada, Stephanie Roualdes,
Maged F. Bekheet
DOI [2]
From heat to entropy/Von der Wärme zur Entropie
Materialwiss. Werkstofftech. 2020, 51, 1191-1233
H.-J. Hoffmann
DOI [3]
open access
Carbide-Modified Pd on ZrO2 as Active Phase for CO2-Reforming of Methane—A Model Phase Boundary Approach
Catalysts 2020, 10(9), 1000
Norbert Köpfle, Kevin Ploner, Peter Lackner, Thomas Götsch, Christoph Thurner, Emilia Carbonio, Michael Hävecker, Axel Knop-Gericke, Lukas Schlicker, Andrew Doran, Delf Kober, Aleksander Gurlo, Marc Willinger, Simon Penner, Michael Schmid and Bernhard Klötzer
DOI [4]
open access
Low-temperature fluoride-assisted synthesis of mullite whiskers
Advances 10 (2020) 31180-31186
Amanmyrat Abdullayev, Fabian Zemke, Aleksander Gurlo and Maged F. Bekheet
DOI [5]
Azo dye adsorption on an industrial waste-transformed hydroxyapatite adsorbent: Kinetics, isotherms, mechanism and regeneration studies
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (2020) 103807
Hiba Bensalah, Saad Alami Younssi, Mohamed Ouammou, Aleksander Gurlo, Maged F. Bekheet
DOI [6]
Sintering of ceramics for clay in situ resource utilization on Mars
Open Ceramics, Special Issue: Advances in Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics (2020) 100008
David Karl, Franz Kamutzki, Pedro Lima, Albert Gili, Thomas Duminy, Andrea Zocca, Jens Günster and Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [7]
open access
Highly textured boron/nitrogen co-doped TiO2 with honeycomb structure showing enhanced visible-light photoelectrocatalytic activity
Applied Surface Science 505 (2020) 144419
Amr A. Nada, Waleed M. A. El Rouby, Maged F. Bekheet, Manuel Antuch, Matthieu Weber, Philippe Miele, Roman Viter, Stéphanie Roualdes, Pierre Millet and Mikhael Bechelany
DOI [8]
Metal-containing ceramic nanocomposites synthesized from metal acetates and polysilazane
Open Ceramics 1 (2020) 100001
Jun Wang, Valerie Schölch, Oliver Görke, Götz Schuck, Xifan Wang, Gaofeng Shao, Susan Schorr, Maged F. Bekheet and Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [9]
Segregation of copper oxide on calcium copper titanate surface induced by Graphene Oxide for Water splitting applications
Applied Surface Science 516 (2020) 146051
Sara Kawrani, Madona Boulos, Maged F. Bekheet, Roman Viter, Amr A. Nada,
Wiebke Riedel, Stéphanie Roualdes, David Cornu and Mikhael Bechelany
DOI [10]
Improving the physicochemical properties of Y zeolite for catalytic cracking of heavy oil via sequential steam-alkali-acid treatments
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020, 294, 109854
Erfan Aghaei, Ramin Karimzadeh, Hamid Reza Godini, Aleksander Gurlo, Oliver Görke
DOI [11]
Machine Learning for Materials Scientists: An Introductory Guide toward Best Practices
Chemistry of Materials 32 (2020) 4954–4965
Anthony Yu-Tung Wang, Ryan J. Murdock, Steven K. Kauwe, Anton O. Oliynyk, Aleksander Gurlo, Jakoah Brgoch, Kristin A. Persson, Taylor D. Sparks
DOI [12]
Prussian Blue Iron–Cobalt Mesocrystals as a Template for the Growth of Fe/Co Carbide (Cementite) and Fe/Co Nanocrystals
Chemistry of Materials 11 (2019) 8163-8173
David A. Hardy, Edward T. Nguyen, Sara E. Parrish, Elyse A. Schriber, Lukas Schlicker, Albert Gili, Franz Kamutzki, J. Nathan Hohman, Geoffrey F. Strouse

DOI [13]
Is Domain Knowledge Necessary for Machine Learning Materials Properties?
ChemRxiv (2020)
Ryan J. Murdock, Steven K. Kauwe, Anthony Yu-Tung Wang, Taylor D. Sparks
DOI [14]
Compositionally-Restricted Attention-Based Network for Materials Property Prediction
ChemRxiv (2020)
Anthony Yu-Tung Wang, Steven K. Kauwe, Ryan J. Murdock, Taylor D. Spark
DOI [15]
Freeze Casting: From Low-Dimensional Building Blocks to Aligned Porous Structures—A Review of Novel Materials, Methods, and Applications
Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 1907176
Gaofeng ShaoDorian AH Hanaor, Xiaodong Shen, Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [16]

Fabrication of polymer-derived ceramics with hierarchical porosities by freeze casting assisted by thiol-ene click chemistry and HF etching
Journal of the European Ceramic Society Volume 40, Issue 2, February 2020, Pages 315-323
Xifan Wang, Franziska Schmidt, Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [17]
Clay in situ resource utilization with Mars global simulant slurries for additive manufacturing and traditional shaping of unfired green bodies
Acta Astronautica 174 (2020) 241-253
David Karl, Thomas Duminy, Pedro Lima, Franz Kamutzki, Albert Gili, Andrea Zocca, Jens Günster and Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [18]
Fabrication and Characterization of Ice Templated Membrane Supports from Portland Cement
Membranes 10 (2020) 93
Amanmyrat Abdullayev, Paul H. Kamm, Maged F. Bekheet, Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [19]
open access

Azo dye adsorption on an industrial waste-transformed hydroxyapatite adsorbent: Kinetics, isotherms, mechanism and regeneration studies
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (2020) 103807
Hiba Bensalah, Saad Alami Younssi, Mohamed Ouammou, Aleksander Gurlo, Maged F. Bekheet
DOI [20]
Enhancement of calcium copper titanium oxide photoelectrochemical performance using boron nitride nanosheets
Chemical Engineering Journal 389 (2020) 124326
Sara Kawrani, Amr A. Nada, Maged F. Bekheet, Madona Boulos,
Roman Viter, Stéphanie Roualdes, Philippe Miele, David Cornu, Mikhael Bechelany
DOI [21]
In Situ-Determinated Catalytically Active State of LaNiO3 in Methane Dry Reforming
ACS catalysis 20 (2020) 1102-1112
Nicolas Bonmassar, Maged F. Bekheet, Lukas Schlicker, Albert Gilli, Aleksander Gurlo, Andrew Doran, Yuanxu Gao, Marc Heggen, Johannes Bernadi, Bernhard Klötzer ans Simon Penner
DOI [22]
On-Chip assembly of 3D graphene-based aerogels for chemiresistive gas sensing
Chemical Communications 56 (2020) 450-453
Gaofeng Shao, Oleksandr Ovsianytskyi, Maged F. Bekheet and Aleksander Gurlo
DOI [23]

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