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Publikationen 2012

U. Simon, S. Arndt, T. Otremba, T. Schlingmann, O. Görke, K.-P. Dinse, R. Schomäcker, H. Schubert
Li/MgO with spin sensors as catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane
Catalysis Communications, Volume 18, 10 February 2012, Pages 132-136
S. Arndt, T. Otremba, U. Simon, M. Yildiz, H. Schubert, R. Schomäcker
MnNa2WO4/SiO2 as catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane. What is really known?
Applied Catalysis A: General  426 (2012) 61
S. Jaso, S. Sadjadi, H. R. Godini, U. Simon, S. Arndt, O. Görke, A. Berthold, H. Arellano-Garcia, H. Schubert, R. Schomäcker, G. Wozny
Experimental investigation of fluidized-bed reactor performance for oxidative coupling of methane
Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry 21(2012)534–543
M. Yildiz, S. Arndt, U. Simon, Y. Aksu, T. Otremba, A. Berthold, O. Görke, A. Thomas, H. Schubert, R. Schomäcker
Mn-Na2WO4/SiO2 - An Industrial Catalyst for Methane Coupling?
DGMK Tagungsbericht, 2012-3, 125 (2012)
Ulla Simon,  Manuel Harth, Sebastian Arndt, Almuth Berthold, Oliver Görke, Carsten Hartmann, Reinhard Schomäcker, Helmut Schubert
Contributions of phase composition and defect structure to the long term stability of Li/MgO catalystsJournal of Materials Research 12 (2012) 1488-1498
Benjamin Becka, Manuel Harthb, Neil G. Hamiltonc, Carlos Carreroa, John J. Uhlrichd, Annette Trunschkec, Shamil Shaikhutdinovd, Helmut Schubertb, Hans-Joachim Freundd, Robert Schlöglc, Joachim Sauere, Reinhard Schomäcker
Partial oxidation of ethanol on vanadia catalysts on supporting oxides with different redox properties compared to propane

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