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Publikationen 2007

Zehbe R, Gross U, Knabe C, Radlanski RJ, Schubert H
Anodic cell-protein deposition on inverse inkjet printed micro structured gold surfaces, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 22, 2007, 1493-1500 (DOI: 10.1016/j.bios.2006.07.002)
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Emulsion-based Synthesis of PLGA-Microspheres for the in vitro Expansion of Porcine Chondrocytes, Biomolecular Engineering 24 (5), 2007, 512-520
Zehbe R, Haibel A, Brochhausen C, Gross U, Kirkpatrick CJ, Schubert H
Characterization of oriented protein-ceramic and protein-polymer-composites for cartilage tissue engineering using synchrotron µ-CT, Int J Mat Res, Vol. 98, 2007, 562-568
Brochhausen C, Zehbe R, Watzer B, Halstenberg S, Gross U, Schubert H, Kirkpatrick CJ
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Brochhausen C, Zehbe R, Watzer B, Halstenberg S, Schubert H, Kirkpatrick CJ
PLGA-microspheres as a release-system for signaling molecules in tissue engineering – first results of prostaglandin E2 Release, European Cells and Materials 14 (Supl. 1), 2007, 57
Zehbe R, Haibel A, Brochhausen C, Gross U, Kirkpatrick CJ, Schubert H
Comparison of the 3D morphology of native articular cartilage and a cell seeded scaffold using SR-µCT, BIOmaterialien 8 (3), 2007, 212
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Deposition of neuronal cells and fibrin matrix on microstructured electrodes and their characterization via SEM/ FIB, BIOmaterialien 8 (3), 2007, 164
Brochhausen C, Halstenberg S, Zehbe R, Watzer B, Schubert H, Kirkpatrick CJ
Incorporation and Release of prostaglandin E2 out of Poly-D,L-laktid-co-glykolid (PLGA) Microspheres, BIOmaterialien 8 (3), 2007, 202
Brochhausen C, Krämer B, Rajab TK, Schmitt V, Wallwiener M, Wallwiener C, Zehbe R, Hierlemann H, Planck H, Wallwiener D, Kirkpatrick CJ
First Results of the remesothelialization of a polylactide based folie for peritobeal adhaseion prevention, BIOmaterialien 8 (3), 2007, 150
Zehbe R, Haibel A, Brochhausen C, Beckmann F, Herzen J, Gross U, Kirkpatrick CJ, Schubert H
Morphological evaluation of a rat joint – epiphyseal cartilage and joint cartilage, HASYLAB Report 2007, 1505-1506

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