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Publikationen 2006

Brochhausen C, Zehbe R, Gross U, Schubert H, Kirkpatrick CJ
Innovative Perspektiven für das Tissue Engineering zur Therapie von Gelenkknorpeldefekten, BIOmaterialien 7 (4), 2006, 278-285
Zehbe R, Haibel A, Schubert H
Anodic 2D and 3D Immobilization of Nano-sized Alumina Particles in a Fibrin Network, Proceedings E-MRS 2006, ISBN 83-89585-12-X, 2006, 115-116
Schneider C, Gabler F, Frauenschuh S, Brochhausen C, Götz P, Schubert H, Zehbe R
Emulsion-based Synthesis of PLGA-Microspheres for the in vitro Expansion of Porcine Chondrocytes, Proceedings E-MRS 2006, ISBN 83-89585-12-X, 2006, 229-230
Zehbe R, Gross U, Schubert H
Inverse Inkjet Printed Gold Micro Electrodes for the Structured Deposition of Epithelial Cells and Fibrin, Proceedings E-MRS 2006, ISBN 83-89585-12-X, 2006, 229
Zehbe R, Brochhausen Ch, Haibel A, Kirkpatrick CJ, Gross U, Schubert H
Synchrotron tomography on PLA-Microsphere filled Scaffolds, BIOmaterialien 7 (3), 2006, 249
Brochhausen C, Zehbe R, Nüsing R, Klaus G, Gross U, Schubert H, Kirkpatrick CJ
Comparison of the expression of cyclooxygenases in the growth plate, articular cartilage and in scaffold material, BIOmaterialien 7 (3), 2006, 129
Habel D, Stelzer JB , Feike E, Schröder C, Hösch A, Hess C, Knop-Gericke A, Caro J and Schubert H
Phase development in the catalytic system V2O5/TiO2 under oxidising conditions
J. Europ. Ceramic Soc. (2006) In Press

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