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Keramische WerkstoffeAdditive Manufacturing

Ein rotes Dreieck, darunter drei orangen senkrechten Balken als Symbol für Fakultät 3. Das Symbol befindet sich innerhalb  des kreisförmigen Schriftzuges: Prozesswissenschaften.

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Additive Manufacturing

We are engaged with multiple aspects of materials development for additive manufacturing processes, including
The development of manufacturing processes for the processing of metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials and their composites for laser sintering,

The stereolithographic and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) method with filled photocurable pastes and slips

The fabrication of carbon fiber reinforced filaments for the FDM process


Additive manufacturing processes with polymer-derived ceramics.

Material extrusion (fused filament fabrication)


Material extrusion: Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics


Vat polymerisation (direct light processing)


Powder bed deposition (laser sintering)


Material extrusion (robocasting)


AM for biomedical applications



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